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Beaken Dinner Set

A good size ideal for any type of healthy meal. It is very popular. This cutlery is wonderfully warm in the hand and noninteractive, allowing enjoyment of food's natural flavors.
Size (cm) - - Plate Diameter 25cm; - Bowl 10cm X 5cm; - Glass 12cm X 7 cm

Cheese Cutting Board

Rectangle Handmade cutting board. Made out of Mango wood. Very nice and strong cutting board suitable for cutting or serving on it. Comes with cheese cutting for a more elegant look.
Size (cm) - 38x20

Elephant Tray

This tray is very unique tray specially designed for kids as well as adults. Comes with a bowl that makes it complete so that kids can eat in this tray without any hesitation.
Size - Length 25cm Breadth 20 cm; Bowl Diameter 10cm Height 5cm

Fish Cutting Board

It is in excellent vintage condition with very little wear. It is very tactile and you can feel that it is handmade. This one is in the shape of Fish.
Size (cm) - L-43,B-30

Mango Chopping Board

Handmade cutting board. Made out of Mango wood. Very nice and strong cutting board suitable for cutting or serving on it.
Size - Length 38cm Breadth20cm

Pine Tray Set

Gorgeous, handmade stacking trays. Made from premium wood, these three trays would bring rustic elegance to any home or gathering.
Size -(Tray-1) Length 45cm Breadth 30cm; (Tray-2)Length 38 cm Breadth 25cm; (Tray-3)Length 30 cm Breadth 20cm

Rectangular Spice box

Ideal for storing 12 different types of spices or refreshments. Comes with 12 detachable containers inside made of Sheesham wood. The product has been made by hand and may have a slight colour or design variations that are natural outcomes of human involvement in the process.
Size (cm) - 30 x 22.

Sheesham wood Carved Plate

Beautiful intricately hand carved wooden plate made from Rosewood with a brass inlay. The plate has gorgeous carved wooden flowers.
Size (cm) - diameter 20 cm

Shisham Glass

A large glass of natural cedar wood! For hot and cold drinks. Left the natural color of the tree. Impregnated with a composition of vegetable oil, beeswax, and cedar resin. For tea, kvass, fruit drinks, and other useful liquids. This is a Handmade Product!
Size - Diameter 7cm Height12cm

Spoon Set

This 6 Pieces Kitchen Utensil Set made from sustainably sourced rosewood is both artistic and practical. They look great in any modern, country, or rustic kitchen. They would make an extraordinary gift for a loved one or friends who enjoys cooking.
Size - Different sizes

Tissue Holder Box

Gorgeous, handmade tissue holder box . Made from premium wood, this box would bring rustic elegance to any home or gathering.

Wine Glass Set

This hand-blown Premium Stemware wine set is an exquisite stemware piece that’s sure to impress. Premium, clear hand-blown glass. Wonderful bridal party gift with wine or champagne glasses, or to toast your newly engaged friend! Or divorced - we find any reason to celebrate around here. Size -  (Glass) Height 12cm Diameter 7cm - (Tray)Length 25cm Breadth 12cm